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Beggar who allegedly stole man's penis in Lagos has been found, he needs help

Remember the crippled beggar who was accused of stealing a man's penis under Ikeja bridge, he has been identified as Emmanuel Oyediran.
A Naval officer, Kola Onifoto traced the beggar to his home in Lagos, then took to Facebook to debunk the rumour that the beggar was a ritualist, who made a man's penis disappear for ritual purpose.

He narrated Emmanuel's account of the story.  He shared photos and videos of the beggar whom he revealed has gastroschisis.

Here's what he wrote:
I interviewed him and asked him to explain how the event happened. 
He said he begged the man for money as usual, and he gave him two #500 notes.. 
There was a boy also begging where he was, and he said he actually touched the man on his leg.. 
Then the boy went to meet the man and told him to go collect his money back, then he raised alarm that his penis was missing.. 
He said they asked him to bring it out as a lady wanted to help check out, the man refused and people gathered him and started beating him.. 
The man with the missing penis was nowhere to be found after.. 
The police rescued him and dropped him on the road far from where the incident happened.. 
His intestines are out since he was two months old and he shits through the Tommy.. 
So the family now seeks for help from Nigerians.. 
Tomorrow he will have an ac

Recall that on September 16, 2017, Emmanuel Oyediran was beaten to stupor after a man who gave him alms, raised alarm minutes later that his manhood had disappeared. Bystanders immediately descended on him but he was fortunately rescued by police officers who arrived the scene. Nothing has been heard of his accuser to date.

 Watch the video below:

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