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Young man becomes a star after Kim Kardashian reply his tweet...he now has 500 million followers

Kim Kardashian has made a young man a star after she replied his tweet four years ago. Jerome Billingham, a factory worker had tweeted the Keeping UP With The Kardashian star in 2013 asking if she noticed her fans. Fortunately for him, she responded and his life changed from that minute.

Do you notice your fans? I love you loads! #hotlove, he had tweeted on his way to work that morning. The mother of two then replied, ' Yes Jerome Love you too!'

Within a week of the social media exchange, his followers on Twitter surged from 200 to 20, 000. Now, he can boast of at least 500 million followers on his two accounts. That's not the only news, his main account has at least 6 million views monthly, and he now makes money advertising goods for companies and all.
Clothing companies also send him clothes for free just for a mention in his tweets.  He now makes £5, 000 a year from his tweets. The 25 year old told Mailonline,

'I was doing a 6am shift at my work in a factory and I'd seen she'd tweeted something, I can't even remember what she tweeted now, but I just replied to ask if she ever noticed her fans.
I didn't think anything of it and was walking to work and then my phone just started going ping ping ping and going crazy.
'I thought: "What the hell's happened?" and actually wondered if there had been a technological fault with my phone but then I saw hundreds and thousands of replies saying: "Congratulations, well done son".
'Kim had tweeted me back saying: "Love you too". 

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