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Woman delivers baby while waiting to vote in Kenya, names the newborn baby 'Ballot'

A Kenyan woman gave birth to a baby on Tuesday, while waiting in line to cast her vote in Kenya. The heavily pregnant woman who went into labour as she stood in the queue said she didn't feel and form of labour cramps before leaving the house.

The woman, identified as Paulina Chemanang was assisted to deliver her baby by other voters who throng by her at the Konyaq Secondary School in West Pokot. She was then taken to a hospital after the delivery of her baby girl. Paulina shocked the crowd when she returned to cast her vote later that day.

The woman who was thankful to God for the experience told Kenya's Capital FM, that having her baby at a polling station was a blessing to her. She named her Chepkura, meaning ballot or vote in Swahili.

Lucky woman! While some find giving birth very difficult, others have it so easy.  

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