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Two former friends are on Facebook fighting because of a shoe

A Nigerian girl took to Facebook to slam her one time bestie for allegedly stealing her shoes and posting a photo wearing it on the social networking platform. 

The girl, Emem Udoh claim her former best friend Ekemini stole the said shoe during their mutual friend's sister's traditional marriage. 
She said the alleged thief forgot the shoe was stolen and decided to wear it, then share a photo of herself rocking the blue shoe online. She wrote:

Pls gals who so ever dat knows Ekemini Maxwell should tell her to return my shoe dat she stole from me during Mabel sister’s traditional marriage……she mistakenly posted it on Facebook yesterday not knowing that I’ll see it

The accused girl on the other hand denied she stole the shoe. She took to Facebook to issue a disclaimer saying, she bought the shoe from Emem (She's even my namesake) for N4, 000. She accused her friend of trying to tarnish her image and revealed they were roommates before their relationship turned sour. 

Read her story below:

Please friends help me share my own part to the world also.
Friends please my silent over this case does not mean that i am guilty of what Emem said, i am broken and dispirited, With tears in my eyes, I'm writing this with shock of seeing my name and image buried while I'm alive. I knew Emem Udoh through Mabel my friend turned enemy, Mabel brought her to me and begged me to accommodate Emem and her younger brother after the death of her father, the Uncles threw them out of the house, I had sympathy on her and asked her to move to my apartment with her younger brother. After Mabel's elder sister's marriage she packed her things to stay with me, She lived with me for two months plus, Mabel started bringing accusation on this same Emem, Mabel often called me to report that Emem is going out with her guy, that I should observe her moves and calls, I told her to take it easy that I knew Emem through her, that I don't want them to have issues,
At a time, after much talk,Mabel got angry and ordered me to chase her out of the house that she's the one that brought her, I finally obeyed, I amicably asked Emem Udoh to leave my house and settle whatever case she has with Mabel.
She furiously left with her brother Mabel was happy that I did as she wished.
After one week i discovered that Mabel that was so bitter with Emem got back together again, i now looked like a devil amongst them, i asked Mabel so you've settled with Emem you've vowed never to talk to, Mabel said that she can't quarrel with her friend because of Iniobong her guy, by this time Emem was no more in terms with me but was in terms with Mabel, I was shocked.
Emem , what did i do wrong? I accommodated and fed u and your brother, we shared everything, even if you're paid to blackmail me over a shoe you and your God knows I didn't steal, wouldn't you say no? How many pair of shoes did you come to meet in my house, why would I steal a shoe and still wear it and post on Facebook and you commented on that same photo. The whole world has labelled me wrongly because of you, How on earth will you escape the wrath of God. Are you doing this out of the annoyance that I asked you to leave ? Wickedness, pain, shame shall never depart from u.
Now concerning the shoe in question, three days after Mabel sister's marriage, Mabel said that she has a shoe that she'll love to sale for me, as my friend I asked her to come over with the shoe, she came home and i saw the shoe, I sized it, and it fitted me, i asked her the price, she said it's #6000, I priced her #4000, she agreed to sale for me, so it was a set up unknown to me, I paid her the money twice, that is the same shoe I am accused of stealing.
Please friends, with tears in my eyes, help me share my own part to the world, let bloggers also read and publish, let it go viral for the sake of my name, it's like I'm dreaming , Emem Udoh, you'll never go unpurnished unless I have done you wrong. People should not believe everything please, this world is full of evil, Emem Udoh, sided by Mabel, I hand you both over to God.
You denied that you didn't sale the shoe to me, is it because there was no witness? Was I suppose to have a witness when I was dealing with a friend I trusted dearly, God will vindicate me.

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