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Twitter user calls out Taxify driver who insulted her after she canceled a trip

A Nigerian lady who requested a cab from Taxify took to Twitter to narrate the drama that happened when the driver showed up to pick her.

The user Vivian Nwogo said she requested for a cab and when the driver got to Shoprite to pick her up, he picked a fight with her from the time he arrived.

He was rude to her and after she cancelled the trip, he sent her a text message insulting her. He said:

Do you know you are very stupid?

Taxify after reading the aggrieved client's tweet, instantly fired the driver and announced it on their Twitter handle.

This won't be the first time a passenger would be complaining about a Taxify driver. Recall that a few weeks ago, their driver was arrested after he squeezed a passenger's nipple claiming he heard "lesbians don't react to male touch."

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