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Transgender Man and his husband welcome their first child

Remember the pregnant transgender man who made headlines earlier this year? He recently birth a cute baby boy.
Trystan Reese from Oregon, Portland and his partner of seven years Biff Chaplow welcomed their son Leo Murray Chaplow on July 14. The very public transgender couple who already has two adopted kids are as elated as ever. Trystan calls the birth of Leo the most the most amazing experience ever.

Literally the first breath he took and his lungs filling with air and the giant cry he let out was the most amazing experience of my life,” Leo tells Global News. 
“I was completely overwhelmed with love for this tiny human, and for [my partner] Biff for believing in me throughout this process.”
“There were no complications or medical issues that came up at all. A long, early labour, lasting about 24 hours, and then about eight hours of ‘active labour’ and then an hour of pushing.”

Tristan and Biff publicly share their stories in order to convince people that it is possible for transgender people to be pregnant and carry their babies to term.

Baby Leo

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