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Plus-size women pose topless for raunchy photoshoot and we kinda like it

Oh nana... Isn't this why they say you have to be comfortable in your skin? A group of women who share at least one thing in common, their weight, decided to take their clothes off for a raunchy photoshoot. And guess what, we love it!

The big bold and beautiful ladies who rocked a pair of demin with headgears, posed without their tops on. They used their hands to cover their modesty and it looks like it is something that was done effortlessly, despite the size of those melons. Lol!

The photo is lovely, I love the concept. I have a really big friend, she's the one person who never feels bad about her body. Did I mention she eats everything? When I say everything I mean like everything. From Shawarma to Ice-cream (the big cup) to eba, rice, coco cola, pepsi and anything edible. Lmao!
Interestingly she's the happiest when you tease her about her weight. 

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