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Nigerian woman denies husband sex over church rules

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A husband, Mr Okoronta (surname withheld) is licking his wounds after his wife, Agnes suddenly started denying him his conjugal rights, because of her new found faith. 
According to P.M Express, the incident happened in Umuchu town in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. Story is, Agnes married Okoronta some years back as second wife according to Igbo tradition and they had five children.
Agnes recently embraced the Catholic faith and wanted to be receiving Holy communing as a true faithful. But because she was the second wife and was not properly married according to church rules, she couldn't receive the communion.
Agnes then sought spiritual guidance from a priest and was advised to confess her sins, separate from her husband, so she'll be worthy to partake in the communion.
Agnes then moved out of their matrimonial room to her own room and would not allow Okoronta access to her as his wife, yet he was still performing his financial obligation as her husband.
Okoronta summoned members of his family including Agnes’ children to complain about her conduct, after it became obvious she wasn't going to change her mind.
It was then Agnes revealed that she had repented and would not want to have sexual relations with Okorota because according to her it was a sin to do so as he did not marry her according to church rules. 
She further explained that since she had lived with him formerly as wife and had children before she repented, she will stay in his house and take care of his children.
It was gathered that the children supported their mother’s decision and asked their father to leave their mom as she was no longer his wife according to her new faith. An embittered Okoronta reported to the issue to his kindred who frowned at Agnes and her children’s decision, and asked them to rescind such decision but they refused.
Okoronta then summoned his kindred and family members, prepared his will and proclaimed that Agnes and children were no longer part of his family and so they will not inherit any of his property.
It was gathered that the kindred, family and the church were still in a fix on how to handle the matter to restore peace in the family.  

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