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Nigerian man cries out after someone mistakenly credits his Diamond Bank account with N7.3 million

A honest Nigerian whose account with Diamond Bank was credited with the sum of N7,310 ,000.00, seven million three hundred and ten thousand, by an unknown person took to Twitter to beg the management of the bank to reverse the money.

The user @Raynergy said he got a transaction alert yesterday and waited 24 hours for a reversal but it was not done.

He said no one from the bank or the company who credited his account contacted him.

Shortly after his public outburst he returned to say Diamond bank had reversed the money and everything was sorted out.

Poor guy...the fear of EFCC is the beginning of wisdom. Dude don't want to be called to explain why the money was traced to him. Diamond Bank however tweeted at him commending his honesty the called him a rare Diamond. Isn't that a good thing?

See his tweets below:

How many of you would return the money? 

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