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Nigerian lady raises alarm over groundnut oil mixed with engine oil she bought

A woman took to Twitter to share a photo of the fake groundnut oil she bought in Lagos. According to Layo Odu,  she bought groundnut oil and didn't know it was mixed with engine oil. She tried tofry plantain with it, then noticed it smelt funny.

She made others perceive the oil and everyone came to the conclusion that the oil was adulterated. She warned her followers to be careful what they buy. She advised they buy sealed oil anytime the need arises. Read her story below:

Nigerians when are we going to stop harming one another all in the name of profit.....pls my ppl don't buy local groundnut oil again oooo.
I bought one last night only to fry plantain with it then i was perceiving odd smell....You won't believe they mixed it with engine Oil.
At first i thought it was petrol then later got to realise it was engine oil after asking lots of ppl to perceive cos i didn't believe it.
The groundnut oil wasn't sleeky as it ought to be instead was dropping like water. Please beware of fake grdnut Oil our heart matters a lot.
Why would anyone want to mix groundnut oil with engine oil? Isn't groundnut oil even cheaper that engine oil? I don't gerrit!

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