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Moyo Lawal reveals she's been having suicidal thoughts

Depression is real, and one of the many people going through that at this time is screen goddess Moyo Lawal.
The Nigerian actress has spoken out about her struggle with depression. She revealed she has been dealing with suicidal thoughts for a while.

The beautiful actress who's been off the public eye for a while now took to Instagram to reveal the reason for her disappearance.  She wrote:

Dear Lovers ...... Am sorry ,I have been away and silent this past couple of months but you see ,I haven't been able to explain what was going on in my mind and my heart. All i know, is that I have been living in a body fighting to survive with a mind that has been trying to die . ................... P.s I missed you,so so much 💜 ML

Her fans have been dropping words of encouragement since she made the post. Y'all go over there and be nice to her!

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