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Mother narrates how her 15-month-old baby escaped death by a whisker

A woman took to Facebook to share a story about her 15-month-old daughter's miraculous escape from death.
According to the woman who was full of thanks to God, she felt led to take her daughter who was standing outside inside. So she picked up the toddler and went inside singing. Suddenly, she heard a loud bang outside, she stepped out to a car which had lost control due to brake failure. The car hit the wall of her house, right where her daughter was standing.

My dear sisters join me praise GOD Almighty who has saved me from hearing any evil news. My daughter was standing outside, the Spirit of GOD led me to just bring her into the house. Singing with her near my door, I heard a big sound BANG. I immediately picked her up and ran inside. Few seconds, I came out and found a car that has failed brake crashed in front of the house, exactly where my baby of 15months stood. Jehovah who am I that you have shown me such love?, she wrote.

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