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Mild drama as gay passenger tries to seduce cab driver in Abuja

A gay man and a cab driver had a squabble that went viral yesterday. According to OAKTVOnline who shared the video, the gay man is some sort of male prostitute who dresses up as a woman to try to woo men . He took a cab on Tuesday morning at about 6am. When he got to his destination, he tried to seduce the cab driver to avoid paying his N500 taxi fare. The driver grabbed him and a squabble ensued. The driver who identified himself as Israel said:

 “The guy stopped me, he told me I should take him to heritage and we agreed on N500 for the fare. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front and I allowed him. At the front, he started touching me, he said everywhere dry, make I go feel you? I agreed to go with him to Zone 4, unknown to him I already knew he is a man. When we got to zone 4, he wanted to run then I grabbed him and he bit me in return.” 
In the footage posted to Instagram, the passenger whose antics had caused a little crowd to gather could b heard saying.

Which business I get with you?  I dey fu*k for yansh, then they fu*k me for yansh, Na man I be, Na my business.
Watch the videos below:

A post shared by OAKTVOnline (@oaktvonline) on

A post shared by OAKTVOnline (@oaktvonline) on

Ok...this one needs to be introduced to Bobrisky. He can't go about shouting and making noise up and down!

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