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Middle aged man lures donkey with carrot to have sex with it

A 49-year-old sex-starved man was caught in a farmer’s yard trying to have sexual relations with a donkey. 
Everett Lee Compton, allegedly brought carrots with him to try entice the animal. He was caught after the farmer set up a CCTV because he was worried about his donkeys. 
The incident according to Daily Mail happened at Arkansas, United States. The farmer allegedly saw Compton sneak into his farm on the camera at around 1:30am and called police, who promptly arrested him. 
Compton confessed to the crime but blamed it on the weed he had been smoking he said it made him do ‘sick things’.
“It just made me sick to my stomach,” the animal’s owner said. “To know that she couldn’t tell anybody what she was going through is really sad.
“We knew he was there so we could call police to come and check things out.”
The culprit had been charged with trespassing, bestiality and cruelty to animals. e will henceforth be kept far away from Animals.

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