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Jenifa's Dairy star Juliana Olayode reveals she was molested as a child

Actress Julianna Olayode made a startling revelation about herself on Wednesday. Many fans of Jenifa's Dairy know her to be Toyosi but her real name is Juliana. Even though she has stopped featuring in the comic series, Toyosi had been a huge part of the project from the start.

She revealed on Wednesday that she was sexually molested as a child. The blogger who has written a tell all book about her life, took to Instagram to share a photo of her much younger self, saying the abuse started at that time. In the photo, 'Toyosi' couldn't have been younger than seven, maybe eight. She wrote:

My #wcw goes to this cutie...😂😁😀This was me, many years ago. It was about this time, the sexual abuses began. It was torment in those days... 

She didn't say how it happened, but promised the story will be included in the second part of book Rebirth, which is set to released soon. 

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