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I only post photos of f*ckboys not athletes and politicians- Vera Sidika explains why she never post photos of her paymasters

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is again on Snapchat spewing stuff. The social media entertainer (at least she is very entertaining) revealed on Snapchat that she dates athletes and politicians but don't show them off. She only shows off f*ck boys not men who pay for her shopping and vacations.

If I start dating & ever post the n**ga just know he a f*ckboy and I'm showing him off coz I don't care y'all bitches go after him coz I know he ain't gon give U no dollar, Vera started her rant.
She revealed her social media is only for her 'boy toys' as they have nothing to offer hence, she won't mind giving them away.
 I only post f*ckboys and boy toys relationships on my social media, those that give all the attention and company but nothing to offer. A man that look after his gf? Nah. That's like exposing your credit/debit card, she went on. 

Vera then revealed her atlethes and politicians are who spoil her with shopping and money are her secret till eternity.

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