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High-heeled shoes banned in Philippines

Mandatory wearing of high-heeled shoes to work have been reportedly banned in Philippines. The Philippines department of labour on Friday issued a directive banning private owned companies from demanding that their female employees wear high heeled shoes to work.

The order banning heels at the workplace is the first of its kind in in Asia. Under the guidelines, women will no longer be forced to wear heels longer than 1 inch to work.  The new order was raised by a labour group.
Alan Tanjusay, a spokesman for the Associated Labour Unions- Trade Union Congress of Philippines said:

We hope that the regulation will also be copied and applied for the benefit of workers in the entire Asia region.
With this regulation, millions of Filipino (workers) … will now be freed from the bondage of unsafe and dangerous working conditions, he added.
Silvestre Bello, the Labour Secretary says the order would take effect from September.
“We noticed how sales ladies, for example, look very tired after standing all day in heels,” he said. “You can tell there is a feeling of inconvenience or they are uncomfortable, he said.

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