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'Guys no more dick photos please'- Tekno's girlfriend Lola Rae begs!

Nigerian singer Lola Rae, has cried out after she received unsolicited dick photos. The girlfriend of Nigerian singer Tekno took to Snapchat to plead with her followers to stop sending photos of their dicks to her.

According to the pretty singer, men flood her DM with pictures of their eggplants and she needs them to stop. Lol!

Really don't understand guys who feel it's cool to send unsolicited dick photos to women. Like they just love to show off their dicks? And that's a cool thing? How?

 Poor Lola, obviously got tired of ignoring and decided to write:

No more dick pics thanks for all the ones received...I don't need any more plix. 

Notice how se thanked them for the ones received? Lmao! 

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