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Garri thief narrowly escapes lynching in Calabar

A young man who stole garri narrowly escaped lynching after an angry mob caught, beat him to stupor then place a tyre around his neck in an attempt to burn him.

25-year-old John Ator allegedly stole two basins of garri at Marian Market in Calabar Cross River State.

He reportedly went into a trader's stall in the early hours of the day, took away the first basin, returned to take the second one, when a guard in the popular market accosted him.

New Telegraphonline reports that a woman who gave her name as Mrs Ikon said, the market security guards had been accused countless times of stealing goods from the market so it was a break for them to have finally caught one of the perpetrators.

Many traders have always accused security men at the market of stealing their garri.But early this morning (yesterday), this man was caught with a basin of garri and later confessed to have stolen the first basin before coming for the second one. It was when he came for this second one that nemesis caught up with him. I think it is because these security men who have been accused of carrying out this act wanted to prove a point that is why they decided to lay ambush for the man today.
This ambush has worked and I think other security measures should be taken to secure the market henceforth.

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