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Fulani Herdsmen rape 72-year-old grandma in her farm

Fulani Herdsmen allegedly raped a a 72-years-old grandma identified as Madam Victoria at her farm in Ore, Ondo State, on Wednesday. Madame Victoria recounted her ordeal in the hands of the heartless men who allegedly took turn to rape her. 

The septuagenarian said she was working on her farm on the fateful day when the two Fulani herdsmen attacked her, gagged her, tore her cloths and took turns to rape her.

‘I was working on the farm when the two men invaded my farm and before I could question them on their mission in my farm, they gagged me and tore my clothes before they raped me one after the other.
They threatened to kill me thereafter if I make any noise and they left me in the farm after injuring me.” In its reaction, the group threatened to take laws into their hands if the state government failed to address the issue immediately, she said.

According to Punch, the coordinator of the OSYC, Oluwatuyi Adekanmbi, said herdsmen had not only raped women and destroyed farms in the state; they had also resorted to killing, terrorising and kidnapping farmers in their farmlands.

He said:
 “One of our farmers, Orimisan Omowole, was murdered in his farm in Odigbo Local Government Area of the state.
After killing him, they took out his heart and placed it on his chest. “We are not against cattle rearing or saying cattle rearing should be banned but we don’t want free grazing of cattle in our farms with wanton destructions of our crops and means of livelihood. “Cattle rearing is a legitimate and profitable business which is pursued worldwide.”

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