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Father and stepmom chops off finger of 7-year-old daughter, stuff her in a sack then abandon her in the bush

A couple has been arrested for cutting off the finger of their child, stuffing her in a sack and abandoning her in the bush by the roadside. The incident reportedly happened in Ogun State.

According to Punch, Nasiru Adeyemo and his wife Idayat allegedly cut off one of the fingers on the right hand of their seven-year-old daughter, Abibat. They stuffed her in a bag, then dumped her in a bush by the roadside at Asabala area along Papalanto/Sagamu road.

Police report says the arrest came after the public alerted police about a suspicious sack lying along the road. Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi said:

The suspects were arrested following a distress call from members of the public that astrange load in a sack was sighted by the roadside at Asabala area along the Papalanto/Sagamu road.On the strength of the information, the Divisional Police Officer, Owode Egba Divisional Headquarters, Shehu Alao, led his men to the scene where the load which was inside a white rice sack was untied.
Surprisingly, it was a seven-year-old girl, with one of her right hand fingers already cut off. She was tied up and put inside the sack and dumped at the roadside since last Friday.
The girl who was fortunately still alive was taken to the hospital. After she regained consciousness, she informed the police that her dad and stepmom were the ones who severed her right finger, put her in a bag and dumped her in the bush.

Wickedness now has a face and even a name. His name is Nasiru Adeyemo!

Abibat after her rescue

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