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Daily affirmation 24th August!!!

I affirm that Christ has been made unto me wisdom, righteousness, and sanctification. I have an extraordinary amplitude of comprehension by the Holy Spirit! I am anointed by the Spirit of God and my eyes are blessed to see opportunities. I am rich in silver and gold; rich in diamond and other precious stones. The earth and its fullness belongs to me because I am a joint-heir with Christ! I eat of the good of the land and benefit from the precious minerals that surround the world. Money continually locates me because I favour God's righteous cause in the earth. My mind is open to great ideas, opportunities, wealth and I am supernaturally empowered by the Spirit of God to take advantage of them. I am a child of the King; I will never borrow but I will lend to the nations of the world. I am well positioned in life; no nation can possibly deny me entrance because I am the seed of Abraham. Wherever I go, every creature around me is blessed. Hallelujah! As I speak forth right now, angels are dispatched into action to ensure the words of my mouth do not fall to the ground without results. Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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