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"Can I eat your P**sy"- Rapper Uncle Murda's son accidentally sends him a text meant for his girlfriend

This might not be the best of times for rapper Uncle Murda's son. Reasons being, the young man mistakenly sent his dad a message meant for a special woman in his life.  

In the message shared to Instagram by the rapper, his son asked his girlfriend if he could eat her pussy. The boy didn't realise he was sending the message to his dad. 

After he found out, he tried to remedy the situation but it was too late. The American rapper being a typical dad took to Instagram to blast the young boy.

Look what my son text me last night slipping lol then he tried to clean it up me and him got to have a serious talk lol, he wrote.
What would you do if you were the boy? Me would have done what I did to my mom that year she found a special toy in my pants bag. But that's a story for another day!

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