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American singer That Poppy put on blast for casting a black man as Satan in her movie project

A popular American singer, That Poppy has been put on blast by social media users, after a copy of the audition requirements for a TV series she's about to shoot leaked online.

The audition notice specifically requested for an African- American actor, within the age range of 30- 50, to play the role of a ''menacing and sinister Satan" in the movie project.

That Poppy, whose real name is Moriah Pereira is shooting a TV series based around her, and is out shopping for a black man to play the character Satan, in her project.

Social media users have had a field day calling out her racist 'behind', after Popular blogger Perez Hilton leaked her casting breakdown online. Perez had written:

This is not a joke! As I do every day, I was reading the casting breakdowns today and @ThatPoppy and her team are trying to make a TV show based around her. They're looking for an actor to play Satan. They're looking specifically for a black actor to play the devil. THIS IS 2017! This is bullshit!! All these people attached to this project should be ashamed!! 
Peep the notice below:

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