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72-year-old British woman is sad after her young Nigerian husband was denied entry visa into the U.K

A 72-year-old grandma whose Nigerian husband was denied entry visa into the UK has taken to Facebook to bemoan her fate. The British grandmother is sad that her 27-year-old husband was denied visa for the third time in a row despite spending her life savings to bring him to the UK .

Angela Nwachukwu met and fell in love with her husband CJ Nwachukwu on Facebook and he requested her friendship on the platform. Their love blossomed and in a short while, they got engaged on Skype then she flew into Nigeria to tie the knot.
Angela who has 3 sons aged 50, 47 and 43 revealed she has spent about 20k pounds visiting him and trying to sort his visa issues. he wrote:

CJ is the most caring man any woman could want to be with. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I know in my heart we belong together and we won’t stop fighting until we can be together as husband and wife. We won’t let this break us.'' “After the wedding, I found it hard leaving CJ. I knew I’d see him again soon but my family visa application was rejected. “I was so determined to get him a visa I hired lawyers to fight for us. I’ve since visited him twice. "We’ve spent a combined £20,000 trying to see each other. I’ve used my savings and he has gradually paid me back half.” Angela had been single and lonely for six months following a 16-year relationship but found happiness again when she was contacted by CJ.After my relationship ended, I felt lonely. We had become more like friends than partners so we had decided to split. “After being single for six months, I saw a gorgeous young man had sent me a friend request on Facebook. “I did wonder why he had added me but I accepted and he sent me a message telling me how lovely my profile photo was. “He was so handsome, with big, brown eyes and a body to match. I didn’t see the harm in striking up a conversation with him. “We chatted for hours about our families and hobbies. It was like we’d known each other for years. Before I knew it, we were messaging daily. “The only problem was he was 45 years younger and lived 4000 miles away.

Awww...I feel sorry for them, distance is bad for relationships.

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