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"The man my husband met in our bedroom is my classmate" - woman begs court not to dissolve her marriage

A Customary Court in Igando, Lagos, yesterday, dissolved the 23-year-old union of Mr Tunji Oyedele and his wife Romoke, after failed efforts at reconciling the couple.  
Oyedele, who sort the court's help in dissolving his marriage accused his wife of adultery, engaging in fetish activities and attempting to kill him.
His wife, a 40-year-old trader, denied the allegations, and told the court that her husband was sending her away because he now has a new wife.
The president of the court, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola pronounced the marriage over after certain attempts at reconciliation failed, as the husband was adamant to all mediation efforts by the court and his family.
Mr. Oyedele, who accused his wife of 23 years of engaging in sexual recklessness and infidelity said:
My wife is promiscuous, whenever I travel, my wife brings men into our house; on two occasions, I caught her with her lovers in our bedroom.
One day, I came home unannounced and caught her with one of her lovers in our bedroom.
On another occasion, I caught her with another man who she claimed was her Pastor.
She claimed that the said Pastor wanted to take her to a river for a special bath to avert spiritual attack,” he said.
He also accused his wife of being fetish. He said she was always in possession of different charms. He showed pictures to back up his claims.
“I see different strange objects in my bathing water, food and everywhere in the house.
“There was a day I entered her room in her absence and saw feathers tied with clothes and other diabolical objects.
“I believe that my persistent illness, which has deferred medical solution, is as a result of her fetish acts.
“I have been forced to leave my own house because I don’t want to die now,” he said.
“My wife abandoned our 10-month-old baby for me and got pregnant for another man. She came back after some years and I accepted her,” he said.
According to him, his wife has no respect for his family.
“My wife used to call my mother a witch and always fought with her whenever she visits; my mother has stopped coming to my house,’’ he said.
He also said his wife chased away his first wife who did not bear him any child by always mocking and calling her a barren wife.
40-year-old Romoke refuted the allegations, insisting that she was not adulterous.
“The man my husband first saw in our bedroom was my classmate in primary school; the other man was my Pastor, who came for spiritual purpose,” she explained.
The 40-year-old mother of four said she was not fetish and denied knowledge of  how the charms got into her room.
She also denied abandoning their baby to get pregnant for another man, saying it was her husband that chased her out of his house.
“My husband chased me out of his house after I had our first baby and that made me get pregnant for another man,” she told the court.
She said that she and her husband had lived in peace until January 2016, when he married a new wife.
“My husband and I never fought; but immediately he married another woman, his attitude changed.
“His new wife accused me of sending hired killers to her and my husband turned me into a punching bag,” she said.
Romoke had pleaded with the court not to grant her husband’s wish, as she was still in love with him.
***I know I shouldn't be laughing but this story made me laugh. The woman's story is just funny. What was her classmate doing in their bedroom? Lmao***
Source: NAN

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