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Stop sucking uncircumcised penises, they carry germs and viruses - Ghanaian doctor warns

A medical doctor in Ghana Dr Jacob K. Abrebrese has issued a warning to ladies who give 'blowjobs' to their partners especially the uncircumcised ones to desist from the act.

According to the good old doc who is the Medical Director of Brong Ahafo Region Hospital in Ghana, an uncircumcised penis carries bacterias, germs and viruses and women who suck them are likely to be infected.

Dr Abrebrese also said guys who give 'head' to their partners are susceptible to infections too. In an interview with Rainbow Radio, Dr Abrebrese oral sex is an unhealthy, uncivilised practice that should be discouraged.

He said these in reaction to the World Health Organization's report on the spread of untreatable 'super gonorrhoea'.

**Y'all have been warned...Lmao! Lemme pretend I didn't write this!**

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