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Saudi Arabian police arrest woman for wearing a mini skirt in public

Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a young model identified as Khulood for immodest dressing.  Saudi Arabian police apprehended the woman after a video of her wearing a mini skirt and crop top went viral. According to reports, Khulood violated the Kingdom's strict dress laws.

The video which was shared by the suspect herself on Snapchat sparked a media frenzy after it went viral.

 In the video, the suspect is seen walking around a historic site in Ushaiger without her abaya (the long loose robe for women).  Saudi Arabia released a statement on the arrest on Tuesday. They said the model was arrested for 'immodest clothes'.

This is not the first time Khulood would be going against religious laws of Saudi Arabia.  A while back,  she posted a video of herself driving a car as protest towards the kingdom's law that prohibits women from driving a car or any other vehicle.    

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