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Pastor shares interesting 'truth' about sex

A pastor took out time from his busy schedule to educate the public about sex and it is quite interesting.  

In an article he captioned 'Let Me Tell You The Truth About Sex', Pastor Dick describes the beautiful process of mating from a man's point of view. 

Read below:


When you take a gal to a room, your dick will get stiff and too hard like an angry cobra. Sweet blood will flow from the brain tothe toe. The waiste will seem to be flexible and sweeter than sugar especially when u see her thighs. 

When you insert your dick inside the promise land, your dick will smile and laugh in a louder sweet sound like nwoot" nwoot" 
What am trying to mean here is that, Whenever some thing about the Lord Jesus christ who died for you is being posted on face book, you will not take your time to comment.
You will not take your time to remember the blood that christ poured for you.
You will not even bother to read it. When you see the cross that jesus suffered from, toset you free, you wont type amen. You will shamelesslly skip it. But when such romantic rubbish stories areposted, you will seriously take your time commenting. You will be happy and youwill enjoy it better. You will even hurry to comment with yourwhatsapp number. You will even forget that God is the reason 4 u being Alive today. kindly type Amen to thank God for keeping you alive. 

Pastor Dick

Hahahahhahaha he got me...so I had to get you too! Ok bye!!!

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