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Old woman and her younger lover paraded in Ebonyi for having sex

A Facebook user has shared photos of an elderly woman and her much longer lover caught making love (didn't know that was a crime). According to Egonnia Oko, the incident occurred in Amauzu Mkpoghoro, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State. The couple were caught and paraded around the city.

From the photos, the face of the man looks swollen so he was apparently beaten. It's shocking sha. I don't see anything wrong with what they did or shouldn't the woman have had sex because she is old? I don't get it.

The narrator of the story, a female, even berated her in the now deleted post. She wrote:

Report says...
I wonder why this woman did dis, this old woman was caught making love with this young guy in amauzu mkpoghoro in afikpo north, she is made to dance round afikpo with her baby daddy, no be (baby mama again ooo) what a shameful act.

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