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O. J Simpson reportedly set to have his TV show with Kris Jenner as his manager

O. J Simpson who's been rumoured to be the biological father of Khloe Kardashian is set to leave jail soon, and the Kardashians already have his life planned out.

According to MediaTakeout, O. J Simpson will be going back to TV once he is out of jail and Kris Jenner is looking to be his manager.

The plan according to them is to get Simpson who has been n jail for 9 years for robbery and kidnap a show on E! Network.

The deal is reportedly still in the works, as the papers won't be signed until the former actor is free.

OJ might be locked up but still getting the benefits of being in touch with the Kardahsians. He rocked a pair of Yeezy to his hearing the other day and people are saying the Kardashians gifted him.

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