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Nigerian woman who dumped boyfriend after he took her abroad, begs him to untie her after strange illness leaves her incapacitated (video)

A Nigerian lady allegedly tied down spiritually by her ex-boyfriend has gone online to beg him to untie her.

According to the lady whose name hasn't been mentioned, her ex-lover identified as Kevin decided to inflict a strange illness on her as punishment for dumping him after he sponsored her trip to Europe.

She claimed to have spent all her money on the strange illness with no improvement at all. The woman who wore bandages on both arms in the footage released online says, her parents were told by pastors in Nigeria that Kelvin was the one behind her strange ailment. She said:

 I have been sick since 2011, my illness did not improve either did it deteriorate. I have been spending two days at home and two weeks in the hospital, infact I must be admitted in the hospital every month. 
"I take not less than 16 different tablets daily and even change my cream every month. Anywhere my family goes to pray for my health they always tell them it is Kelvin, that the man that brought me to Europe. Then my family went to his parent’s house but they said my family was accusing them of witchcraft.When I was about to die, my parents heard that Kelvin was in Nigeria so they went to plead with him but he ran away. The thing is getting worse everyday. I can't sleep, all my body is hot, all my body is peeling. I want people to help ask Kelvin what I have done to him.
Watch the full interview below:

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