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Nigerian man rants after 'dirty' Uber driver asked if she could smoke during their ride

So this Nigerian man living in the United States took to Facebook to rant about an Uber driver who was asked to pick him up. He said she drove a dirty car with baby wipes on it and asked him if she could smoke. Hahaha thank God she even asked.

Dunno why but I find his rant really funny.

Read his story below:

Does Uber have an operational compliance policy that mandates their drivers to adhere to some types of rules while on the road?
I can't believe this woman ask me can she smoke?
No you cannot smoke...and turn down your music, please.
First of all your car is too small, my head is already hitting the roof and I'm sitting in discomfort with no leg room. Your screens are dirty. You have baby wipes around the seats. Your floor mats are made for heavy duty industrial vehicles like the trailers that "fly" Naija roads, and you are asking me "Can you smoke?"
No your dirty self cannot smoke. Take me to my destination so I can go pick my car please. As a matter of fact speed, run red lights and stop signs so I can release my nose and breathe.

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