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Nigerian lady announces she's running for president and its the funniest thing ever

So this video of a Nigerian lady, Mrs Monica Ambrose, soliciting for votes to become Nigeria's first female president in 2019 has gone viral.

Saw the video some days ago but didn't watch it until now. Big mistake, I should have watched it as it is by far the most interestingly hilarious thing ever. Lol!

In the video, Mrs. Monica Ambrose, resident in Netherlands,  said she has what it takes to pull Nigeria out of the 'state of uncertainty' she is currently in, to a better state. She said she belongs to the Nigerian Diaspora Party.

Mrs Ambrose says you guys should ignore her spoken english, as she has a lot in her head but just can't express it as she would love to.

She promised to release another video detailing her plan and how she hopes to achieve them. Feel free to watch the video below.

It is somewhat funny but I found it very interesting. I love the fact that she knows what she wants. Monica might actually get my vote when it's time. Lmao!

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