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Man promises to marry girlfriend if her Facebook post receives 500 likes... look what happened next

A man who needed extra push to marry his girlfriend of 13 years may just have found the perfect reason to finally tie the knot. A Facebook user, Amanda Barr, shared an interesting post, asking for likes for her post as that was the only option for her getting married.

Amanda Barr who's been dating her partner Stuart, for 13 years finally got him to agree to wed her if she has 500 likes and 50 shares on her Facebook post. Barr got to work immediately and in less that 50 mins her post reached 500 likes and shortly after she had 24k likes and over 10k shares.

Here's what she wrote:

So as many of you already know me and Stuart has Been together now for 13 years we have 3 amazing beautifull children, a lovely home, we are happy and content. The only problem is my last name!! iv been nagging him for the past 10 years now to get married but no luck such as yet!! So enough is enough now I'm not getting any younger I would love to be married by next year😜So Stuart has said if I get 500 likes and 50 shares by the end of this month he will propose this year and set a date for next year 😬🤵👰🏼💍 so I need all mine and Stuart's family and friends to share and like the hell out of this post. LETS GET ME DOWN THE AISLE GUYS 😘

Let me go over and the needful. I don't want Stuart having another excuse to not wed the pretty lady. But why stay with someone for 13 years who needs Facebook likes before tying the knot?

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