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Laura Ikeji shares photo and gushes about her newborn son

Laura Ikeji who recently welcomed a baby boy with husband Ogbonna Kanu is on Instagram gushing about her little one. The younger sister of famous blogger Linda Ikeji said, she wanted to pull the Beyonce stunt but couldn't afford to, because of the love she has for her baby.

According to Laura, she planned to slay the Beyonce way but the love for her baby who has since been named Ryan Ogbonna Kanu, wouldn't let her step a foot away from him.
From the photo she shared, Laura seems to be doing great.

Big congrats to her and her family. Here's what she wrote:

I wanted to do the Beyonce thing you know, present my baby with some kinda slay, but mehn the love I have for ROK won't give me the chance to do any thing other than spending precious time with him. Lol. I'm a mom yayyy. 💃💃💃💃

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