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Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika describes how her lover ate her up in bed

Not everyone likes to share their bedroom stories and we understand, but the one person who clearly do not 'kurr' what is out there in the open is non other than Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.

The reality star who recently broke up from her Dubai-based Nigerian boyfriend took to Instagram early this morning to gush about how well her pussy was eaten.

She wrote:
Ever had your pussy eaten so intense that you are shaking like a fool, begging for mercyđŸ˜©
When he starts with a massage then baby oil all over, bites & licks u on the neck, ass, cheeks while whispering in you ears I know you want it" & you can't even breathe no more.  

Vera didn't say anything about the pussy eater, she left us hanging there without giving a detailed description about what happened after the meal.
Sad... she has to come back to complete this gist. I have too many questions. Let's hope she lets us see photos next time or even a video.

See her post below:

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