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Kemi Olunloyo fat shames Eniola Badmus... calls her Eniola Feedmus

Eniola Badmus

If any of you thought that Kemi Olunloyo would learn from her mistakes after spending one month in jail then you thought it wrong. Madam HNN as she fondly calls herself is still out there looking for trouble, in fact Kemi is looking for more trouble than she did before her incarceration.

She started by picking on comedian Seyi Law's baby, calling the months old baby obese. Now Kemi has moved to comic actor Eniola Badmus. After Eniola Badmus took ill and shared photos from her hospital bed, Kemi Olunloyo decided to fat shame the actress. She took to Instgarm to share an animated photo of Eniola holding a big fat hotdog and captioned the photo:

Meet our cousin Eniola Feedmus. She said she just lost weight after the hot dog diet. #hnndiet🍪🍕🍟 Eat right Eniola and drink lots of water too. Order your #hnndiet kit today. Stop eating junk food.

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