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Jay Z accused of shading late Aaliyah in new song

Jay Z has been accused of shading late pop star Aaliyah in one of the songs in his newly released album. In the song titled Glory from his recently released album 4.44, Jay Z reportedly addressed his 6 year-old daughter Blue Ivy saying, 'jus make sure your plane is bigger than you carry on baggage'.

Recall that the husband of Beyonce and Aaliyah use to date back in the day. After their break up, Aaliyah moved on to Damon Dash while Jay Z pitched tent with Beyonce whom he later married. Beyonce was said to be constantly envious of the late singer as she was doing well singing alone at the time while Bey was still with Destiny's Child.

Back to the shade, Aaliyah's plane reportedly crashed in 2001 because her carry-on luggage was too heavy plane. So could Jay actually be shading his late ex?

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