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Is this the best punishment for a cheater? Woman chops off baby daddy's hair after she caught him cheating

Oh dayummum... how is this not funny? A man took to Facebook to share a terrible experience he had with his baby mama after she caught him cheating.

Hermano Fresco wrote on the social networking platform, that his baby mama caught him cheating last week and after lots of plea and a good 'I'm sorry sex', he assumed she had forgiven him only to wake up to find out that she had cut off his dreadlocks, leaving him hairless.

YO MY BABY MOMMA CAUGHT ME CHEATING LAST WEEK I BEGGED HER TO FORGIVE ME I THOUGHT SHE DID!!! I even gave her some bomb "I'm sorry sex" last night but I woke up to this, he wrote.

From the length of the chopped hair, the cheating man would have been grooming it for many years before it was cut of by his baby mama.

The post which was shared on the 10th of July has seen garnered about 7k likes and 11.55k shares. Wonder what she'll do the next time he cheats.

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