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Fire appears on the head of worshippers in Mozambique

A Facebook user shared this story about a group of people dancing and praising God. Someone takes a photograph of the worship session which was reportedly intense. When the images taken were view later,  flames of fire could be seen on the heads.of the worshippers. This reportedly happened in Mozambique.

 He wrote:

This photo was taken by James Goll 's wife in Mozambique Africa. Someone sent this update: Actually Michal Ann (James Goll's wife) was in the group worshipping and dancing; another team member standing off to the side with me took the photograph. The worship and joy were so intenseans after the images were looked at, flames were seen on the heads of the persons who were captured, this happened as we were setting up to show the Jesus Film.
Alagbada Ina!! Fire đź”Ą is Coming!!

Who believes this story?  

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