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Ebonyi state government allegedly bans civil/public servants from using Facebook

David Umahi

Photo of a circular currently being circulated on social media shows that the government of Ebonyi State have banned civil servants in the state from using Facebook.

The governor of Ebonyi State Mr. David Umahi, in a bid to clamp down on online criticism felt it wise to gag civil servants in the state. Now who does that?

A Facebook user Chris Nnanna shared the photo which has since gone viral.

In the circular titled, "Frivolous posting of obnoxious comments in the social media against Ebonyi State Government by some unscrupulous civil/public servants in the state," and signed by the Head of Civil Service, Dr Chamberlain Nwele, Umahi said posting unscrupulous things on Facebook about the government by civil/public servants tantamount to biting the fingers that feeds them.

He ended the message by threatening to punish anyone caught engaging in the 'ugly act'.

See the circular below:

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