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Dead baby and its placenta found in a gutter (Graphic photo)

There seems to be an increase in the rate of abortions and child abandonment in Nigeria these days. From dumping babies in refuse bins to abandoning them under the bridge, we have continued to display inhumanity to our little ones.

A Facebook user, Emeka Emeka shared photos of a baby and his/her placenta washed down the drain in his compound and boy, it is traumatising.

Been here wondering why the mom went through the process of birthing the child knowing fully well she wasn't gonna keep the child.

According to Emeka, the incident occurred in his compound on the morning of July 14, 2017. He wrote:

this happend dis morning at the back of my compound.. an innocent baby being aborted,. some. galz are heartless and wicked..... may dat innocent baby rip in GOD presence.... ...
 This is really sad.

See it below but that is if you don't mind:

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