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Daily Affirmation 4th July!

I affirm that the Lord has set before me an open door which no man can shut. This is my month of expansion, my capacity has increased! I experience expansion in my finances, expansion in my career, expansion in my ministry, expansion in my academics, expansion in my business. Hallelujah. This is my set time for expansion and I am unstoppable! My cell, church, business, family and all that concerns me have all received the grace to expand. My territory and influence have expanded. Watch out world, watch out devil... I am coming by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am expanding on every side by the power of the Holy Spirit, making progress with giant strides, and waxing stronger every day. No matter how strong the contrary winds blow, my life is unshakable, because I am firmly rooted in Christ. I’ll never be discouraged or disadvantaged because I am the planting of the Lord. The lines are falling unto me in pleasant places; yes, I have a goodly heritage. Hallelujah! Every step I take is a step of progress, prosperity, success and greatness. Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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