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Daily affirmation 25th July!

I affirm that my life is more glorious every day and my fruitful field is turning into a forest. The hand of the Lord is on me; He has established me in Christ and I am spreading on every side. There is no possibility of failure for me and nothing can stand against me successfully! Nothing! I am not a part of the suffering masses; count me out! I am rightly positioned in Christ. Irrespective of the heat in the land, I flow in super-abundance because I am connected to a source that can never run dry. Hallelujah! I can never go down in life with the masses because Christ is in me. I am different; when I step into a place, things start working, because I carry heaven on the inside of me. I am a delightsome land. I am the symbol of God's blessings wherever I am, for I am the carrier of His blessings and grace. When I show up, blessings show up. I am the symbol of prosperity and expansion. Anything I touch is blessed. Everything I do prospers. I am a wonder to many, I am a spirit in motion, always making progress with giant strides. This is my path in life, Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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