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Coco Austin releases video from her much talked about lingerie shoot

Comedian Ice T's wife Coco Austin is one hot mom. The mother of one has released the much talked about video from her lingerie shoot. She shared a semi nude video of herself wearing undies from her lingerie line on Instagram.

The reality star had teased her followers about releasing the video a while back. Many may have fprgotten all about it, but since Coco is good at keeping promises especially ones like these, She came back to fulfil.

The video which has her butt hanging in the air at different angles has sent her followers into a total overdrive. She captioned it the adult themed video:

Here's one of those mini videos I promised I'd post from my lingerie shoot....📽📽📸

Watch below:

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Ok...I don't get these Coco's lingeries. Does she have any for normal women? I'm not saying I am normal. Only just asking!

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