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Catholic Church bans shaking of legs, bitting of nails and checking out hot guys and chics during service

A Catholic church in Kwale County, Kenya has banned its members from biting nails or shaking their legs while in church and even checking out hot guys in church.
Members of the church were shocked when on July 23rd a noticed appeared on the church walls with rules and regulations which must be adhered to. 
According to SDE, “Don’t shake your legs while in church or bite your nails, it is a sign of tension. Further, women must not play with their hair, since it is a distraction. We might not have taught you this, but now you know. The only focus should be on God,” read part of the notice.
Further, according to rule number six of the notice, members are warned against dressing in flashy or revealing clothes: “...and Christmas and Easter masses are not part of Milan Fashion Week. Dress in a way that gives witness to your faith not to seduce anyone.
Don’t go for mass to check out who is hot in the parish. At this church, you are also supposed to sit quietly and don’t talk or comment on what others wear as you don’t come to church to judge anyone’s dressing style, make up or accessories.”
Parents with small, noisy children were also not spared.
“Leave ‘loud children’ behind. Don’t entertain their games. Stop them from playing with hymn books and reading material,” the notice warned.
 Members were also cautioned against leaving early before the mass ends.
“Don’t say thank God the mass is over as you leave church.  You will sound as if you were forced to attend or as if it is a weekly punishment. You are supposed to stay until the final blessing and the recessional hymn,” read rule number 21. 
Oh well...I understand every other one but don't check out hot guys in church? Nah I don't gerrit!

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