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Burglar sleeps off naked in victim's house after drinking whiskey and eating muffins

A 40-year-old man has been arrested and awaiting trial after he was found lying naked on the bed of an unidentified homeowner he tried to rob. According to WSAW, Bradley Braxton is chilling in the Outagamie County jail, after he broke into a house located at 200 block of South Memorial Drive on Saturday.

Appleton Police were called to the scene on Saturday, following a report of a naked man on the victim's bed.

Police said the failed burglar had drank the victim's whiskey and ate some muffins he found in the house then dozed off peacefully.
He later confessed to using meth, and that explains why he dozed off on someone's bed. But why naked?

The suspect, who was already facing charges for jumping bail for a separate crime, is expected to be charged with burglary, damage to property, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

**Lol... if this man were a Nigerian, we would say his village people are using his picture for hand fan. Who goes to burgle then sleep off naked? Like seriously???**

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