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ATMs in Nigeria now dispense incomplete cash? Facebook user shares his story

A Facebook user has narrated his experience with an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that dispensed incomplete cash in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. He said he withdrew N20, 000 and left without confirming his cash only to realise on getting to his destination that the machine dispensed N19, 000 instead of 20, 000.

He however didn't mention the name of the bank whose ATM made the blunder. At least we would have known which machines to avoid. Lol!

Read his story below:

#SecurityAlert: ATM Dispensing Incomplete Amount
Just few hours ago, I went to Fidelity Bank Plc ATM at Abak Road, Uyo to make some withdrawals for the day's transactions.
At the ATM, I keyed in #20,000 and it came out. And because I don't want to look like those village people who always try to confirm the amount dispensed by the machine, I quietly pocketed the cash and made another 8k withdrawal immediately. Once I was done, I pocketed my cash, left the queue, mounted on my bike and zoomed off. The said amount was for a Fridge someone ordered from Yenne EMarket" and sent the money from Abak for us to pay and delivery.
Getting to the home of the owner of the item, I brought out the supposed 20k, counted it for over 3 times and discovered 1k was still missing. But am debited 20k for that first transaction.
My people from today, confirm your money before leaving the ATM o
If that will make us village sombori, accept am, let all of us be village people provided one paper of our naira note is not missing.
Before someone will send you to use the ATM tomorrow and be thinking you stole his money when it's not complete.
Be alert!
Strange things happening!
ATM now stealing!

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