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Another man gets stuck in married woman's privates during sex

Actually never thought this was possible, but it's becoming too frequent these days, so I have to ask, is it true that people use juju to make their cheating partners stick together during sex?

Another video of a cheating couple stuck in each other's privates has been trending online. Not sure where it happened but I'm thinking it's in Kenya, 'it is always in Kenya'.

According to the accompanying story, a man visits a witch doctor, who prepares a padlock for him to lock his wife's privates. As soon as he locks the padlock and removes the key, any man who sleeps with her will remain there until he unlocks the padlock or either of the cheaters die while struggling and then the other person would be unlocked physically and spiritually.

 It doesn't make sense? Ye I think so... but watch the video below.

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